The bees make the connection between the plants and, on one special way, between the plants and humans.
They collect from the plants matters very well charged with chemical substances, information, energies and process them to offer the products to thei family and to people.
There are numerous products of the bees and of the hive useful to us, to maintain the health, to brig it back or at least to soothe the sufferance.
To work with the patient, his family and entourage as one team.
Like this it is possible to obtain deserving results in many sufferance which are considered conventionally “whithout way back”, like multiple sclerosis, cerebral stroke, arteritis, scleroderma, different tumors, a.o.
The world of the bees is a fantastic one, which brings on Earth color, clean air, joyful, harmony, love…

Cristina Aosan